Surrealism, as an art form, draws upon our inner life for its inspiration. It portrays the world of dreams and the unconscious, a world in which random elements can be flung together in ways that our conscious mind may find disturbing, bizarre or amusing. Surreal art paintings are seldom boring or ordinary: they force us to respond in some way.

The urge to find meaning in Art is always there, and never more strongly than when one views surreal art paintings. Above all this genre of art tells a mystery story, one where you have to puzzle it out and find your own meaning. Do we need to make sense of it all, or can we let surreal art paintings appeal directly to our imagination without seeking to explain them? We might simply admire the color palette, the striking juxtaposition of forms, the overall ‘feel’ of the work without trying to express its meaning through the limited medium of words. Perhaps this is what makes surreal art paintings so exciting, so different from the mundane representation of the real world. We are challenged to see the familiar through new eyes; that is both the challenge and the reward of  Surreal Art.