Clown dreaming of Queen


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   A limited edition of 100 pieces ( canvas  print) signed by the artist.  Every reproduction is  numbered, referenced and has an  authenticity certificate.

 “The clown seeks his rest, floating in his dream above the cold holders, at the castle feet, under the moonlight. Outside the Royal Court, with fallen masks, he tries to regain his lost identity, longing for one worthy of the love he bears for the queen…
  The faces float delusively through his mind, fighting with his unworthy love, aiming too high. The queen will never see his face, and he will always remain the same day dreamer that ironically gives her a lower in front of the laughing crowds.
  Up in the castle, The Queen amuses putting on the red clown nose, feeling the bathing of a cozy heat…”




Clown Dreaming of Queen   breaths life and movement. The figures seem to get lost in one another. Layers upon layers of bodies shift and move playfully throughout the painting; like Jester’s spirits trapped within the canvas.Though full of deep meaning, substance and mature subject matter, the painting possesses the playful innocence and freedom of children.

Unlike paintings in past decades, the two rare qualities that the artist achieves in this painting is the ethereal buoyancy of the characters and optical illusions in the paintings. The colors do not just sit and dry on the canvas, they move and shift, bringing the character to life as the figures and shapes seem to float . Dramatic composition and compelling ethereal imagery create a popular, but misunderstood subject  (the clown) and place him in a fairytale setting. Throughout time famous writers, artists and movie directors have attempted to blemish the reputation of clowns, but in this surreal story  shines a positive light on clowns, restoring their beauty and innocence. Iustinian Ghita, in this once in a life time painting succeeds at returning the jolly soul back into the rightful hands of royalty, where Jester’s were once held in the highest regards by kings and queens. This hopeless­ romantic of a fool is thrust back into a world of whimsical, surreal fantasy…where dreamers can love freely.

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Dimensions 100 × 1 × 92 cm

3 reviews for Clown dreaming of Queen

  1. Mary M.

    Always so amazing!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Amazingly!! how the colors are made! how the texture and shadows, and the smoothness!!

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    I’m impressed! You’ve created the almost impossible illusion. The clowns faces are repeating continue and than turned like in the mirror. That’s a super surreal illusion! Amazing art!

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